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When I’m asked what my favorite television shows are, one that usually bewilders is when I exclaim Showtime’s “Gigolos.”  As you’d imagine, the premise is based off five gigolos (yes, man whores) in the backdrop of Lust Vegas. Women pay an absorbent amount to have sex with these upscale male escorts, as they make a financial killing. If that alone is not enough to titillate your senses, let me further expand on why Gigolos will become your new favorite guilty pleasure.

Originality: The show is refreshing in the fact that the lifestyle of a Gigolo is truly unique. Constant upkeep of physical appearance with workouts in jiu-jitsu and high-fashion shopping in beautiful Vegas. Oh, and there’s also the shopping of sex costumes and toys for clients. Not many can say that is part of the description of the day-job. You also get a look from the female clients perspective. Usually the message conveyed is that the Gigolos are doing these women a service that truly improves their lives. The most used line in the show from women:

I’m too busy with my job to find a man and he makes me feel beautiful.”

 Production: Nothing special in the design and effects of the show, but the backdrop of Vegas is intriguing enough. The short story lines make it easy to jump in the show at any point, even as it enters the fifth season.

The Cast: Plenty of character to go around. Each Gigolo naturally has a specific desirable look for the clients. There’s of course the popular bad boy white rapper, the mature veteran, the light-skinned black dude,  the feminist hippie and the young and muscle-bound former Army man.

Entertainment Value: The show is not perfect, but it is entertaining majority of the time. Like most premium shows, there is full-frontal (weird idiom) nudity and sex to keep it interesting. The clients aren’t usually the most attractive women, giving an amateur porn feel. The clients also usually have some interesting sexual fantasies. From having sex in front of their husband, to pretending to sleep, to furry fandom sex. It’s hard to look away. Not for the prude.

 Availability: It’s not easy to catch Gigolos. Probably due to the sexual content. The show airs late on Thursday nights on Showtime. Yes, that means you need to have a subscription to Showtime, but with that subscription comes the possibility to watch the show anytime online via the Showtime App or on the website.

With all that considered, hopefully you at least give the show a try. Here’s the link to the official site, with more info. I am in no way associated with the show in case you conspiracy types ask. Honestly, I’ve been trying to watch as little television as possible. I’m proudly down to four shows for now (Kroll Show, The Walking Dead, Workaholics, Gigolos), until others start-up.

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