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Gina Carano Nude

Gina Carano naked on ESPN

One thing is for sure, Gina Carano Nude is hot. Former MMA champ turned Hollywood actress, Gina Carano is a knockout in more than one way. Known for her reign as the gorgeous Strikeforce women’s champ, Carano has left the sport in order to focus full time on her acting and modeling career. That decision has worked out beautifully. She has already been featured in her own full-length action film, as well as a follow-up in the latest Fast and the Furious series. Talks of a possible female version of The Expendables with Carano in a lead role have also been rumored.

Talks have recently started up that she may be returning to the UFC to possibly fight former champ Ronda Rousey. She has Carano has been very open in admitting that she has been in negotiations with UFC President Dana White. Should she return to mixed martial arts, she would likely need a tune-up fight to return to shake the rust off before fighting the reigning UFC female bantamweight champ.

Update on Gina Carano nude pics

Current Bellator CEO, Scott Coker has recently reached out to Gina Carano Nude in hopes of her returning to the cage. Unfortunately, Coker has stated that he does not see the former Strikeforce champ returning, despite the large sum offered. The reason he believes is that Hollywood is paying Carano quite well, which should come as no surprise, considering that Carano has not only already starred in large blockbusters, but there is an explosion in female leads in the recent years. A demand that some say is yet to be filled as seen in the latest remake of Ghostbusters. Carano has also already made appearances in two films in 2017 and expected to appear in even more as her long time agent has hinted.

As Carano’s career begins to ramp up once again, you can expect to see more of her on the silver screen. Carano’s long-time manager has been very vocal that his client may be shy at times, but she has no problem showing her ‘athletic figure’ on camera. That is something that MMA fans can surely look forward to in the coming years. We may not ever get to see the champ back in the cage (or octagon), but we will get to see her always improving, acting chops.

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