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[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hen Macklemore took home the award for 2013 album of the year at the Grammy’s, many Rap fans were quick to call a robbery. After all, Kendrick Lamar came on the scene with ferocious lyrics, gaining a massive following. What people should know however is it comes down to sales. Macklemore took the award with his massive sales, thanks to his ability to transcend the rap genre. It’s no secret that like rapper Eminem his appearance appealed to a broader audience. And unlike Marshall, Macklemore hits more of the Pop audience as well. Regardless, I’m here to tell you why neither man would have been chosen if it was based on the heart of Hip-Hop — skills.

“If talent was measured, Hopsin would of been the 2013 hip-hop album Of The Year with his album Knock Madness. “

Following up from his 2010 album hit “RAW, ” the artist known as Hopsin makes his long awaited return with vengeance in “Knock Madness.” An accurate description of Hopsin’s rap style is dark, gritty, controversial, clever and introspective. If you’re a fan of artist such a Eminem, Tyler the Creator and The Game, then Hopsin is likely an artist you’ll enjoy.

If you’re not aware,  the formerly underground rapper has been around for some time. Sadly, the talent only holds four album releases, which is due to his feud with past label Ruthless Records. Hopsin repeatedly drops bars, airing out laundry on the label throughout both RAW and Knock Madness in hopes of warning off any other artists considering signing with the label. Ruthless, founded by the late Eazy-E today it is simply a long list of former artist that have since departed. Talks of a possible upcoming N.W.A. movie is expected to generate some income for the label, which is now owned by the widow of Eazy-E.

Perhaps a blessing in disguise. Hopsin’s long running struggles, as well as gained connections with fellow upcoming talent such as Tech N9ne seems to have created a masterpiece. Hopsin’s controversial trash talk of  top-selling hip-hop artist like Kanye West and Lil Wayne bleeds through the speakers with fury. There’s no doubt that there is true spite in his words. Reminiscent of the original Marshal Mathers LP, we also have a dark and very personal story unraveling in most tracks, followed by easy going tracks like “Lunchtime Cypher.”

The album is one that I find perfect for the gym and even other times. Good for adrenaline rushes, but not the best ‘chill track’ to listen to prior to going to bed. As I mentioned prior, if you’re a fan of hardcore rap, you’re a fan of Hopsin. Download the album on iTunes and let us know what you think below.

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The Real 2013 Rap Album of the Year: Hopsin "Knock Madness"
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