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“You silly, silly bitch.” That’s the type of comments you can expect when you tune-in to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast with host Joe Rogan. If you’re not aware of who Joe Rogan (@JoeRogan) is — in a nutshell he’s a long time comedian, martial arts expert and working actor. You probably know him as the host of Fear Factor and or the color commentator of the Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC). But what makes him different from others in the field is his diverse and uncommon interests. From advocating marijuana [like us] and isolation tanks, to disproving chem-trails, Rogan will talk on an obscure topic you’ve never heard of and sell the shit out of it.

Obviously the show is not for everyone, as debauchery and raunch can take over in a split second. Usually this can be credited to the producer and co-host Brian Redban (@RedBan). Personally, I find the filth humorous and perfectly sparse . Don’t act like you’ve never laughed at a dick joke. Just be warned, it’s not office friendly – so get your earphones out. Let’s review.

Production: Not a strong suite of the show. The Podcast started with snowflakes on Ustream, as I stumbled on to it one day, noticing Rogan and Redban experimenting. There were long awkward gaps of silence as they tinkered. Since then, the video quality has improved tremendously, the audio is studio level now, the graphics have been  updated with matching psychedelic themes and the guests are usually phenomenal. So, what’s my problem?  The audio levels do still jump around, which can be an annoyance, especially when a boisterous guest like Joey Diaz comes on or a soft spoken guest isn’t matching Rogan’s octaves. I find myself constantly lowering and raising the volume on those occassions. Another small issue is the three hour format, which can cut the show right when a great topic comes up. The only way to fix these issues would be to script or structure the show, which would take away from it’s indie, counter-culture feel. I’ll deal with it.

Entertainment: The most important element. The guys aren’t knocking it out of the park every time up, but their batting average is on some Barry Bonds steroid level shit. The  guests are life enriching with the wealth of information they bring to the show. I used to think that my enjoyment of the show was because Joe’s views resonated with my odd views, but the community proves that many of us think the same. I’ve never had anyone (including Rogan haters) I’ve introduced the show, not at least become intrigued by the posed questions.

Ad-Freedom: Nobody likes ads, but publishers need to pay the bills. The show does it’s best to not make the advertising obtrusive, but sometimes the intro rants can become bothersome. Really, we shouldn’t be complaining, since we get the content free of charge, unlike some other podcasts. You also have the option of purchasing Sirius XM radio if you want the show ad-free.

Accessibility: I love being able to start listening in the office and then jump in my car and continue on where I was. I credit this to the JRE army, spreading the content far and wide. You can get the podcast on Vimeo, Youtube, Ustream, Stitcher, iTunes, Podcast directories and smartphone Apps. I even found a app on my discontinued Boxee Box (IPTV).  

Frequency: We all want more, but Joe is a busy man. Luckily he’s helped introduce many of his like-minded friends to podcasting, creating the ever-growing Deathsquad crew. Joe’s off a week doing stand-up and the UFC, I catch up with Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour, or Joey Diaz’s Church of What’s Happening Now and there’s many more. Check out DeathSquad.TV for a good list of similar podcasts.

Educating: As the host says, “get it together bitches.” You aren’t going to ever grow if you don’t learn how to control your environment. Hunter S. Thompson taught me that. Rogan has professionals in important and or fascinating fields that will give you a crash course in everything from politics to cryptocurrency to end of the world planning. You don’t need to buy what they’re selling, but it’s a start to knowing what’s out there. I just learned about Bit coin from a recent episode with Andreas Antonopoulos. After most episodes I feel enriched with what I would of never learned if it wasn’t for The Joe Rogan Experience. Praise Odin.

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Secret Stash: The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
Rogan's Podcast is deep, informative, entertaining and sometimes niche. Overall a consistent top five podcast for good reason.
Entertainment Value91%
Accessibility 90%
  • Hilarious - Listen to a Joey Diaz episode and you'll understand.
  • Introspective - You want to talk meaning of life, this is for you.
  • Informative - Professional guests in economy, health, welfare, etc.
  • Production can be under par at times
  • Niche - If you have no interest in guests profession, you may find yourself disinterested quickly.
  • Ads - Not the worst, but the first 10 minutes are usually reserved for sponsor talk.
89%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (13 Votes)