Kelly Kelly Nude Top 20 Hottest Pics

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Kelly Kelly nude

Gymnast, model and WWE star, Kelly Kelly is uncomfortably hot. We’ve compiled the 20 hottest pics of Kelly Kelly nude and believe me it wasn’t easy. She has starred in everything from ECW, Raw, to support the troops. Kelly Kelly, aka Barbie Blank is also seen here in her infamous “Kelly’s Exposé” where she reveals very much skin. Very much like our Ronda Rousey nude gallery, she has been on fire. I don’t know about you but you’d be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn’t want to be pile-driven by the popular WWE Diva. If you have any Kelly Kelly pics you’d like to include, feel free to send them our way. All images are the property of WWE or the credited provider.

If you are curious to know more about Kelly Kelly, her background is in gymnastics and cheerleading. It was not only physical talents that Blank excelled in. Studying broadcast journalism, it became apparent that Kelly Kelly was a perfect fit for the WWE brand as she became part of the storyline with popular WWE character “The Miz.”

With Kelly Kelly’s growth in pro wrestling, so did her skill set. She went on to have wrestling matches. She’d go on to challenge for the WWE Divas Championship with no success. It wasn’t until early 2010 with the “Raw” branding that she’d gain the WWE Diva championship. It would be a short reign however as she had lost the title to Beth Phoenix in October. 2012 marked the ending of her WWE contract as she would go on to make appearances on the smaller circuits.

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