Ronda Rousey NUDE UNCENSORED ESPN Pics leaked

Ronda Rousey Nude ESPN

Here are the Ronda Rousey nude pics from ESPN and Maxim’s annual special edition “Body Issue”, which originally hit news stands back on July 13, 2012.

Since the revealing photos, Rousey has followed up with even more beautiful photos for various media companies. We have those as well here. As for the question to who’s the rumored Ronda Rousey boyfriend, he has recently came out and revealed who he is. Sadly, her love interest is a fellow UFC fighter that is currently facing assault charges from his (current) wife, with whom he has children with. Rousey has since told the media that it was out of self defense. Either way, Ronda Rousey pics have surfaced, following the allegations.

Ronda Rousey Nude Pics

Ronda Rousey has made a scene in a new niche. If you’ve ever heard of “body paint air”, you’ll know what we mean. Ronda Rousey has done body paint shots for ESPN which has spurned quite some interest, as Rousey is nearly naked. She is seen in nothing but her birthday suit and paint. Much of her body is exposed, only camouflaged by paint patterns, which leave quite a bit to the imagination. Checkout our gallery of her body paint shots by clicking the next button above and below the pics.

The former champ has relinquished her title to the very talented former WBC boxing champ Holly Holm. Following the loss, Rousey would lose once again. This time the loss comes at the hands of current UFC bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes. Rousey has since shown no signs of return, besides an Instagram quote, insinuating the desire to continue competing. Unfortunately, UFC president Dana White has been very vocal in stating that he believes Ronda is retired from fighting.

Despite stepping away from the sport, don’t expect Ronda to disappear entirely. There is still new galleries appearing of Ronda Rousey nude and she has been seen in cameos of television commercials, blockbuster movie appearances, and has even recently been rumored to make an appearance in the WWE. This i not far-fetched since Rousey had made appearances prior in the WWE alongside Stephanie McMahon. The rumor stems from the fact that McMahon openly suggested that Rousey and the WWE were a perfect match. Undeniably, Ronda has been known for her brash persona in mixed martial arts, which would likely transition well to Pro Wrestling. Either way, we wish the best for the women who has single-handedly jump started the female division in the UFC.